1 General remarks

Touch SupportDosi
GWT API/ImplPieter
Plugin: Core WidgetsOliver + David
Plugin: Editing?
Plugin: Geocoder?
Plugin: PrintJanDM
Plugin: RasterizingFrank
Plugin: WMSPieter
Plugin: Graphics EditingJanV

 Who does what? Whenever in doubt: Assign to Frank

2 GWT2 Client

2.1 GWT2-API

2.2 GWT2-Impl 

2.3 GWT2-Server-Extension

3 Plugins

3.1 Plugin: Core Widgets

Current Situation

Layers and their legends

Different layers may build their legends in different ways. Many widgets may exist that build legends for certain layers. How can the DefaultLayerPanel for example, know which widget to use? I think we need a factory system that helps determine how to build a legend for a certain layer. The default may simply build an Image widget from layers that have LegendUrlSupported. Then extra factories, stored in some registry may build legend widgets for other layer types.

To be discussed


To be discussed: At this point I would like to propose we create the following base packages wherein all widgets should come:

To be discussed: For legend related widgets, I propose the following list:

3.2 Plugin: Editing

3.3 Plugin: Geocoder

3.4 Plugin: Print

3.5 Plugin: Rasterizing

3.6 Plugin: WMS


3.7 Plugin: Graphics Editing