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  • Geomajas Client GWT 2.0 - The second wave
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1 General remarks

  • @since declaration needs to be 2.0.0 everywhere! It also needs to be removed from any methods, but only appear on class/interface definitions.

  • Make sure all widgets abide by whatever is decided here: GWT widget definitions
  • Fix JIRA.... Perhaps this needs a more detailed explanation. We should create a new JIRA project (GWT2) and then see which issues to copy to it (from various projects).
  • Merge PURE-188 naar master, aanmaken release branch....
  • Opstellen GIT best practices voor Geomajas.(

2 GWT2 Client

  • Default controls at startup. Should Geomajas automatically provide zoom buttons etc when a new map is created? What API do we need for users to easily influence this default behaviour?
  • Should we add getMinimulScale() and getMaximumScale() to the default layer interface?

3 Plugins

3.1 Plugin: Core Widgets

Current Situation

  • CloseableDialogBox, MessageBox, ToolTipBox: Should move to YAWL.

  • FeatureSelectBox: Follow widget structure.

3.2 Plugin: Editing

  • Finish snapping API

3.3 Plugin: Geocoder

  • Widget should follow the rules as explained on Confluence.

3.4 Plugin: Print

  • Refactor Printing into a starting point for creating a print service and template etc. It should not be an EntryPoint.

  • Almost no @Api annotations (only in the PrintingLayout).

3.7 Plugin: Graphics Editing

  • TODO: rework the GraphicsEditingUtil class: is now a collection of static values of stroke/fill parameters of polygon/line on creation + a createClickToStopEditService.


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