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Table of Contents


The meeting is to be held on Tuesday, October 1st @ geohub


Jan De Moerloose

PIeter De Graef

Oliver May

Jan Venstermans

Open topics last meeting(s) JIRA

Open topics last meeting(s) (not in JIRA)

  1. OSGEO, more collaboration with the OSGEO Java world
    1. Open question of Dirk about collaboration between java osgeo projects
  2. Scope/roadmap discussion for Oliver/Pieter/JanDM/Dirk
    1. GWT2 client, e.g. we really need to clear out the scope of gwt2 client, and the role of geomajas (server) in this. We should document this, and put it in the contributor guide for future references
    2. Add WFS plug-in to gwt2 client
    3. WMS
    4. Selection in featureselected deprecated, think about the interfaces
  3. Lazy loading of feature attributes: Currently, all information of feature is copied from e.g. hibernate to Feature object. Sometimes, you want only a core of info to be loaded, rest e.g. image should be lazy loaded.
    1. Primitive attribute: add boolean: lazy. Default false.
    2. Add boolean 'loadLazy' as extra attribute to functions as featureClicked
    3. Suggestion (Pieter): use different model for rendering and other functions
    4. TODO: discussion needed, with JanDM
  4. Geomajas mobile
    1. Would it be possible to go somewhat in-depth in the technical side of how mobile should be implemented?
    2. => T-days
      • Work: 
        • pinching: keep same zoom level while pinching, only get other zoom level tiles when pinching finished => one week
        • tile queue (previous work done by JanDM) => optional
    3. Can the map be used as a widget (eg. -> <map:MapPresenter.View ui:field='mapWidget' />)
      Expected behaviour should be that we can place this in a HtmlPanel and that it takes the full width and height + automatic resizing without outside manipulation. This way we can avoid complex gwt elements like DockedLayout, etc in our design.
      We should also avoid the use of as many complex gwt elements as possible (DockedLayouts, ResizeLayout, HorizontalPanels, VerticalePanel, etc) evenry element that add styling, tables, etc to the design.
    4. => T-day: 
      • MapWidget is absolute. 
      • MapLayout panel for resizing? 
      • Let widget extend from ResizeLayout panel?
      • TO INVESTIGATE: make ResizeLayout parent default?
      • if mapWidget in div: need to interpret sink event (Gwt does this in case of using Gwt Layouts)
      • FlowLayout creates just div (<=> DockLayout)
      • TODO: Create sample where gwt map is created in <div id="putMapWithin">
  5. Client WFS plugin Client-side WFS plugin
    • proposal by JanDM:
    • Discussion on rendering:
      • the current implementation does not include a general feature based layer (except for the sample). Feature based layers should render vector data in some way or another. SVG is a possibility but has limitations in terms of interleaving with other, raster-based, layers. An alternative is to render everything on canvas, but than we would have to implement mouse events on features by keeping an index.

Reccuring topics

New topics

  • Geomajas Roadmap:
    • collaborate with other communities: some ideas found in last month?
    • The value of Geomajas server as opposed to other software