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For discussion with (mainly) Oliver/Pieter/JanDM/Dirk


  1. GWT2 client, e.g. we really need to clear out the scope of gwt2 client, and the role of geomajas (server) in this. We should document this, and put it in the contributor guide for future references
  2. Add WFS plug-in to gwt2 client
  3. WMS
  4. Selection in featureselected deprecated, think about the interfaces
  5. Lazy loading of feature attributes: Currently, all information of feature is copied from e.g. hibernate to Feature object. Sometimes, you want only a core of info to be loaded, rest e.g. image should be lazy loaded.
    1. Primitive attribute: add boolean: lazy. Default false.
    2. Add boolean 'loadLazy' as extra attribute to functions as featureClicked
    3. Suggestion (Pieter): use different model for rendering and other functions
  6. Long term vision
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